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The Automation Partnership – Polar

The Automation Partnership shortlisted for prestigious technology award

The Automation Partnership (TAP) has been chosen as a finalist for a top technology award for its innovative -80oC sample storage system.

The Polar system has been designed to reliably store invaluable tissue samples and blood-derived fractions at ultra low temperatures. It meets the demand from national Biobanks, academic institutions and pharmaceutical R&D for an automated large-scale repository for long term storage of biological samples down to -80°C and builds on TAP's experience in sample management for the pharmaceutical industry.

The Automation Partnership has provided Polar to the UK Biobank in Manchester, England, which will be the world's biggest resource studying the role of nature and nurture in health and disease.

TAP is one of four finalists competing for the annual MacRobert award, a prize given out by the UK's Royal Academy of Engineering for technological and engineering innovation.

This animation, demonstrating the fundementals, was part of the presentation for funding for the project.