Creative services


We make full use of digital media to widen your routes to market such as cd/dvd standalone presentations for use in direct mail or left with
your prospect following your preseantation, as a reminder of your added value. These may include animated explanations of a complex process, or video of live action, interspersed with compelling sales messages, voice overs, soundtracks and illustrations. And they can all be streamed to run on your web site. Or it may simply be that your Powerpoint presentations need a face lift or you want something more attention-grabbing to run on your exhibition plasma screen.

We are here to help. Our added benefit is that all these skills reside in-house - even for high quality illustrations.

All clients benefit from our ability to stretch a tight budget.

  • Our presentations explain and animate complex processes, helping your sales professionals achieve that 'eureka' moment with clients
  • Rolling dems attract attention at exhibitions and can be used for direct marketing
  • Sound tracks are scripted and recorded
  • Banner ads stand out from the crowd
  • Powerpoints mix animation and live footage