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The Automation Partnership

UK Biobank

Polar’s novel design meets the growing demand from national Biobanks, academic institutions and pharmaceutical reseach and development for an automated large-scale repository for long term storage of biological samples down to -80°C.

  • Sample storage at -80°C using liquid nitrogen or mechanical refrigeration – for long-term sample preservation
  • Unique modular design – offers flexibility for different inventory sizes and for storage at multiple temperatures between -20°C and -80°C within one store
  • Robotic operation in controlled -20°C conditions – to keep sample frozen during handling
  • Highly dehumidified environment in the store enclosure– to prevent frosting
  • Full audit trail and sample traceability – ensures requirements are met for effective data management
  • Optimal storage density – minimises floor area requirement
  • System control from TAP’s proven Concerto software – that can be extended to control manual satellite stores and external processes